Moxē has gathered a representative sample of the capabilities of our creative and production teams. These samples represent the full creative, artistic, production, and post-production abilities of the agency team that would be assigned to this project. If selected, Moxē will conduct multiple strategy sessions with your organization to conceptualize a brand narrative and develop a production storyboard before writing and producing your brand video.

With an expansive library of stock footage available, we can source and license existing video clips for use or develop and price a production schedule that would capture custom video assets for use in this project.

Albaugh – Your Alternative

As a global agriculture supplier with footprints in more than a dozen countries worldwide, Albaugh wanted to rebrand its identity after five years of aggressive acquisition-led growth and expansion. A multibillion dollar company providing crop protection and technology solutions, Albaugh wanted to reflect its roots with a forward-thinking and socially responsible brand. Beginning with a newly designed logo and an entire brand architecture, creative team members developed a brand storybook and brand video to convey messaging across multiple languages and cultural considerations. Utilizing the voice of the grower, the brand video served to recognize a more-than-40 year history while maintaining future-forward messaging in simplistic and conversational tones.

UCF College of Education

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University of Central Florida’s College of Education, Creative produced a brand showcase to reflect both the university’s overall recent rebrand and also the unique history of one of UCF’s founding colleges. The college’s dean engaged employees from across the college to write, film, and produce a video for multiple applications, including promoting the college to potential students and supporting grant applications. As an added benefit, UCF used this video as a broadcast television commercial during college football playoff games, reaching a national audience during the 2007 Liberty Bowl.

Walter Energy

In 2009, following the strategic separation of its non-core businesses, Walter Industries rebranded to Walter Energy, reflecting the company’s new focus on coal and natural gas. The company called on its corporate communications team to produce a video supporting the launch of the new brand identity. The team produced a two-minute video, which the company unveiled to employees and shareholders at its annual meeting that year, using a combination of stock video and one day of original footage, collected from 2,000 feet below the earth’s surface in an underground coal mine.