The Importance of Quality Design in Marketing

, The Importance of Quality Design In Marketing

Picture this, you and your good friend both get on Bumble (a dating app) and see someone you both like. Instead of arguing over who has dibs, you agree to wait and see who they match with first. You’re confident you’ll get the match since you have the better bio and superior personality whereas your friend has the personality of a brick. A day passes and the person matches with your friend and you’re left wondering why your friend was picked over you when you were obviously the better choice. It’s simple. While you’re clearly superior in every conceivable way, your friend put more effort into his photos – by going into Photoshop, calling a professional photographer, everything. Meanwhile, you just used any old photo you could find.

So, what was the point of the story?

It reflects how companies tend to ignore the quality of their collateral because they believe their message is strong enough to carry their product/service. Although this may have some truth to it, that’s not how it works. Think about it, when you meet someone either professionally or casually, what’s the very first thing you notice? Their appearance. More often than not you begin to make your first assessment on that person based off of the way they look. Some businesses don’t prioritize the impact and the actual craftsmanship that their collateral can have on their consumers.

In regard to brochures, posters, animations, etc., there are three aspects of developing content that all business owners should consider: price, time, and quality. If you want something done cheap and fast you lose quality. If you want something done fast with quality, it’s not going to be cheap. Basically, you’re not going to get one without sacrificing the other two. Some businesses lean towards sacrificing the quality to increase production rate and lower production cost. Now this doesn’t have to be the case. Nowadays there are full-service agencies, such as Moxē, that can provide great work at a fast rate and at a cheaper cost.

When deciding what’s more important, you want to consider how you’ll be affected in the long run. You can take the cheaper route at the cost of quality for an increased production rate, but you run the risk of leaving a bad impression. 72% of consumers are solely influenced by the design of a product’s package. The same can be said about your collateral because it’s essentially the packaging for your message. Furthermore, 60-80% of consumers are less likely to return to the same business if they don’t experience a “WOW!” factor regardless if they were satisfied.

If you’re still on the fence about where you should invest the most money, a good rule of thumb would be to put more money into what’s going to make for a solid first impression. Remember, you can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys by being fly. 😉