By Michael A. Monahan, president & CEO, Moxē Integrated Marketing

One of the marketing challenges that we’re noticing in the construction industry is the setback with implementing the latest digital tactics to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, bottom-line sales. The first challenge that pops up, if you will, is what’s considered to be the face of the company…the website. Whether it’s after an initial handshake with a potential customer or a warm introduction from a referral, the following interaction a consumer will most likely have with a business is to look up their website. Understanding that thought, do you feel that your website represents who you are, what your company stands for, and the solutions your company provides? Your website needs to stand out online, establish credibility and legitimacy as a company, and build trust with potential customers.

To help you review your website and the essential components, we’ve put together an outline of best practices for your construction industry company website. We’re hoping this helps you complete an overview audit to ensure that your construction website stands out among your competitors.

The essential components of your website are:

The About Page

This is where your customers learn more about who you are and the core values of your company.

The Services Page

This page not only tells what services your construction industry company provides, but this is the place to point out your key differentiators among your competitors.

The Testimonial Page

The value of social proof and testimonials helps your audience relate to someone who’s worked with you and can provide a level of FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to the desire to work with you.

The Gallery Page

Not only are pictures an essential part of the SEO behind your website, but it also gives your audience the visual solidification of what you do and what results they can also expect from working with you.

If you’d like to expand more on the overall design of your website, (tag) Hubspot has an article noting the key elements for the aesthetic of your website HERE.

The Blog Page

The blog page of your construction industry website is the best way to keep your audience updated on any relevant news, information, and projects completed. It’s also a core component when implementing more SEO tactics into your website.

The Contact Page

Somewhat self-explanatory, the contact page is giving your audience a call-to-action using the methods you’ve provided for them to reach out to you. Keep in mind; this feature needs to be monitored consistently. Make sure that if your contact information has an email request, it needs to be linked to someone in charge of responding asap.

Once you understand the essential components of your website and how your audience interacts with your website, the next step would be deep-diving into any backend issues that could be holding you back from being noticed or found online. We’re available to take a deeper dive into any other underlying issues or updates that you may need. Please reach out to us using the contact information below if you have any questions or need further assistance.