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Eye Catching Creative: 5 Essential Rules for Logo Design

As a symbol of your overall brand, your logo needs to encapsulate as much about your brand message and personality as possible using little more than an icon and a few words. And creating a timeless symbol of your business that does it all is one of the greatest design challenges there is.


So with that, here are the 5 most important things to keep in mind when designing your new logo:


  • Keep It Simple – Simple logos are easy to recognize and most effective in any environment. While complicated, over-designed logos tend to blend in with their busy surroundings, a simple logo can be recognized and understood while driving down the highway at 60mph. Think about the Golden Arches or the Nike swoosh. I’ve heard it said you should be able to draw your logo in sand with your finger. Sounds like a good excuse to design at the beach.


  • Make It Memorable – Symbolically, a logo doesn’t need to be a direct representation of what a business does or sells. For example, Apple doesn’t show a computer on their logo. It only needs to be something memorable. There’s no need to be overly literal about it. What other ideas can you come up with?


  • Make It Timeless – There are countless examples of logos that didn’t stand the test of time and either look dated or have been updated over the years to reflect the times. Think Pepsi and IBM. Both logos have been through several rounds of redesign over the years. A great, simple logo should be as effective and memorable in fifty years as it is today.


  • It Needs to be Versatile – Logos need to be able to function in any environment – from print to digital to black and white, and in both a vertical and horizontal layout. It’s always a good idea to design in a vector format to ensure scalability. Some things to keep in mind when designing include:
    • How does it look in one color?
    • Can it be printed on a stamp and remain legible and recognizable?
    • Will your design file allow it to be scaled large enough for a billboard?
    • Can it be printed in white on a black background?


Again, simplicity is key!


  • Make It Appropriate – A logo doesn’t need to directly represent what a business does, but it needs to look the part. Let’s put it this way: If you’re a toy store, a childish font works. If you’re an accountant, not so much. The right font choices can make or break your logo design. And color is also an important consideration. Where primary colors look great for a daycare, they’re not going to make sense for your law firm.



As I said, logo design is a tremendous challenge, but as long as you follow these five rules, you’re already halfway there. Good luck!